Possible Medicinal uses for Viola

Viola as an herb, has some great qualities besides its cheerful countenance. Did you know that some have used viola's flowers and leaves to make a tea for eczema and other skin problems? It is helpful especially with skin conditions that have a "weeping" or a discharge accompanied with them.

The tea can also be used for coughs and bronchitis. This is great to know when you get a chest cold, and wanting something more natural, or something to accompany your other medicines you may be taking. Viola tea has been known to also help urinary problems, such as painful urination and cystitis.

Fresh Viola flower have been eaten to help treat and prevent varicose veins.
The flowers contain high amounts of rutin, a compound with helps maintain the strength of capillary walls. I think that is just incredible there are such healing herbs for us to enjoy.

(As with all things, please consult your doctor first to treat anything with your health. This is not meant to replace any doctors suggestions or care. )

The parts of the plant used, are the flowers and the leaves.